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We need to heal our trauma to stop planetary destruction

Updated: Jun 5

We are Nature, we are the Universe and, conversely, Nature, the Universe is us. We are made up of particles that are being constantly recycled in the Universe. We are brought into this life on Earth and live here thanks to energy provided by Nature, by the Universe. When we pass, we disintegrate and become one with Nature and the Universe again. Any belief system dissociating us from Nature and the Universe, claiming that we somehow exist above or outside of Nature and have to fight, oppose or conquer her in order to survive, is clearly foolish and wrong. Dangerously so. In fact, it is a sign of traumatisation.

Our unhealed trauma is bringing Nature, life on planet Earth, to the verge of dying. The accelerating climate crisis, the destruction of ecosystems, accelerating mass extinction, the eruption of war and armed conflicts, the hatred and extremisms in our societies, all are manifestations of heavily traumatised parts of us as individuals and of humankind as a whole. They are manifestations of insufficient self-love, self-care and self-respect that we have been accomulating in our lives for generations. Planet Earth is a mirror of our souls. To the extent that we are dissociated from our beautiful selves and cause ourselves harm, we are dissociated from Nature and cause harm to her. To the extent that we are traumatised, we are afraid. Of ourselves, of others, of Nature. The more the parts of us are traumatised, the more afraid and the more destructive they are.

It is a tell-tale sign of our times that our civilisation is focusing on fear. Frightening reality is being broadcast to us by mainstream and social media directly and intimately, in real time, onto hand-held electronic devices. It is as if planet Earth was making it clear to us that the time has come to look closely at all these happenings and at our fears, to realise what they mean and take time out to heal. All of us. A lot of us are burning out or suffering from long covid, which is a blessing in disguise, a free pass for giving ourselves a break with no excuses and without having to feel shame. It takes a lot of peaceful time and safe space for trauma to heal. A lot of it can happen on its own, since our bodies have an amazing built-in self-healing ability. And a lot can be done with the help and support from empathetic, compassionate fellow humans.

Trauma is the cause of fear and fear in turn breeds further trauma. In fact, you can identify where you are traumatised by taking a stroll across your inner landscape. Like on a golf course, you can stick a little white flag in those places where you find fear and return to them when the time is right. If you were to dig beneath the surface in those places, you would uncover unexpressed anger, and beneath the anger you would find deep sadness. Acknowledging that anger, experiencing it in a safe way, staying with that sadness and feeling it in a safe, compassionate setting until the tears run dry will heal you.

Skilled human healers know various ways of assisting and helping to heal trauma. A very efficient yet delicate modern way to heal trauma is by working with the vegetative nervous system, focusing in particular on the ventral branch of the parasympathicus, regulated by the Vagus nerve, which enables resting, digesting and also, importantly, healing. Based on what I am now learning in my amazing training course in Switzerland, such body-based trauma healing in connection with systemic constellations works absolute wonders, with very little going a very long way.

Whichever method of trauma healing you choose, I can only encourage you. Please get up and start healing your trauma today. Find a practitioner of your trust and explore your inner landscape with their support. Dissolve your trauma and fear. You will experience miracles. The benefits will be lasting and essential, for you, your children, your loved ones, your community and the planet. We can all heal ourselves. And in doing that, together we can heal Nature and planet Earth, our home. There is nothing more splendid, more beautiful, playful and joyful than Nature. And there is nothing more splendid, more beautiful, playful and joyful than a human being free of trauma and fear. Healing trauma opens the heart, enabling unconditional love to flow. Love for fellow human beings, love for Nature and mother Earth. We will not let her die.


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