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I am deeply grateful to my clients for their feedback. It gives me joy, amazement about the sacred beauty of Creation and a sense of purpose in my new life.



I approached Neela when I was standing at a crossroads and facing an important decision in life. The constellation she facilitated brought a sense of clarity and helped me to make a choice that was in line with my values and my inner callingJan, UK

Systemic constellations:

The first time I tried a constellation, I had mixed feelings. It was a very unexpected experience. I initially approached Neela for the constellation because I had an unresolved situation that I had no control over. Since Neela and I have a trusting relationship, I decided to give it a try, even though I usually don't believe in things that are not logical. Thanks to this practice, I was able to look at a difficult situation and all its actors from all sides. Neela told me then that the answer and solution will come, the main thing is to be ready and patient. Two days later I received an answer from the Universe to a question that had been tormenting me for a year. I was just amazed at the way it worked. I thought that I went to Neela for the first and last time. But, after a while, Neela and I did a second constellation. It didn't take long to see results. But it is important to prepare a clearly formulated question which you are worried about before the constellation, otherwise the meaning of everything that happens will be lost. The main thing is to trust feelings and try to turn off logic. I recommend this practice with Neela to everyone.  And also with Neela it is comfortable to be silent as well as to speak, which is incredibly relieving and exposes the soul.  I am sure that many people will like Neela's constellations.  Kateryna, UA

Family constellation:

The family constellation with Neela was a completely exceptional experience. With the help of figures, she connected me with my dear ones who had long passed on. Through her gentle guidance she helped me to understand the connections and so to launch the healing process. Thanks to this insight, many facts keep dawning upon me until today which otherwise would have probably remained concealed forever.  Lenka, CZ

Happy Hour:

At a time of my utter despair over my long-term sleeplessness Neela offered me her online "Happy Hour" therapy. With her uniquely kind and professional guidance she brought me into a state in which I experienced an incredibly strong feeling of love, joy and inner happiness. For the first time in very long, I slept the night through and without waking up, and I am able to elicit the same feelings now not only in the case of sleeplessness but also in other difficult situations. Lenka, CZ


Happy Hour - anchoring a happy memory:

The online therapy was very pleasant for me. I went through many emotional states, when my memories and the realisation of which happy moments I had in my life practically brought tears to my eyes. It was a release for the head and body. The best thing is that even two weeks after the therapy, I can still recall happy memories, which relaxes me and soothes me when I need it.  Since the session, I feel lighter altogether and joy has returned into my life. I have started to look forward to things more again, something I was not really able to do in the past years. I even feel happier at work :-).  Zdeněk, CH

Astrology chart readings:

I've been Neela's client for a couple of years now. Her deep knowledge and attention for the details gave me plenty of information to have an overview of the upcoming year and to plan important actions. Every chart reading feels like an exciting journey and the passion she has for her work is truly inspiring!  Elza, CH

Burnout healing mentoring:

Neela was a saviour for me in a very difficult life situation. When I was already presenting strong burnout symptoms and my family doctor sent me on sick leave, I found her course on burnout prevention. We agreed on mentoring appointments via Zoom. Neela took my deep sadness seriously, she gave me tips on how to deal with it. She listened to me and shared her experience with me. This was an "anchor" for me, a person who listened to me unconditionally and approached me with kindness and respect. One's own self-love lies so low that one cannot feel it any more, that is why such an offer is so tremendously important. Neela knows well how to deal with burnout from her own experience and that is why I would recommend her most warmly to anybody who is in such a difficult situation! I will be grateful to Neela for the rest of my life. To conclude our "journey", we went on a hike in the beautiful landscape of the (...) Valley in the Bernese Alps. I will never forget how we bathed our feet in an ice-cold mountain stream, getting grounded. It was such a healing experience!  Stephan, CH

May the Universe bless you all with unconditional love.

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