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Petrified sea organism cross-section in a cobblestone

I was born and raised in Prague, then Czechoslovakia. Since childhood, I have loved Nature. I was an eager field biologist and went on to study molecular biology, earning an M.Sc. from the Charles University in Prague and a Ph.D. from Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences in New York. I worked as a university lecturer in human biology and environmental science, I was a consultant in renewable energies and assistant to a Senator in the Czech Republic, finally becoming the founder and director of a large international NGO with offices in Prague and Brussels. I enjoyed working hard, taking on difficult tasks and paving new roads. I received awards for my work. 


But something was wrong. When I was 30, living with my husband and our small child, I had my first burnout. Scared, I turned for help to a medical professional. However, the treatment focused on the symptoms and did not touch the real causes. After about five years and some life changes, I gradually returned to my old pace again. And then, years later, the second burnout came. This time, I was alone, exhausted so much that I could not eat, walk or think, and afraid I was going to die.


For over ten years before my second burnout, I had been dealing with coming to terms with totalitarianism in Europe. I had become acquainted with many survivors and their personal stories and realised how trauma is handed down over generations. I learned that trauma is passed on to children on the epigenetic, familial, cultural and societal levels. I understood the connection between the healing of individuals and the healing of society. And I knew that I had to heal myself too.


My second burnout gave me the opportunity. Thanks to a number of wonderful people with wisdom and healing skills from different countries (Czech Republic, Ireland, USA, Greece, Germany, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Switzerland) who helped, guided, healed and taught me, I managed to travel the road back to full health and renewed energy in a self-directed way, taking one mindful step after another. I am grateful. It took me a little over three years. After this experience, I believe I now understand where burnout comes from and what is needed to recover from it for good. Sitting down to write up how I recovered, I realised that it is a holistic burnout prevention and healing programme. Looking around, I am aware that burnout is becoming a serious issue and that my insight could be useful to others too.

One technique that significantly helped me in recovery would not stop astonishing me. As soon as I got better, I decided to learn it. I embarked on a two-year training course in systemic constellations and body-based trauma healing with Barbara-Elisa Brantschen in Kientalerhof, Switzerland, which I graduated from in February 2024. I am deeply grateful to Barbara-Elisa for what she has taught me. It has opened the door to a new level of understanding of the Universe and its functioning for me.

When I was burnt out, I often wished I had somebody close by who understood what was happening to me and whom I could ask for support, recovery advice and tips whenever I needed. Today I am happy to be able to offer this service to those who need it the way I did then. I have created the ONLINE BURNOUT CLINIC in order to share what I have learned with you and to stand by your side as a mentor and healer if you need it. 

And so if you are feeling that you are burning out or you are burnt out, you need not be alone.

I am offering you help. I have been there and back before you. My message to you is: you can heal yourself too. 

Dr Neela Winkelmann

your burnout healing mentor

certified systemic constellator and body-based trauma healer (CH)


I was trained as a natural scientist, not a medical doctor. My mentoring and healing work stem from first-hand experience and training in complementary therapy. I follow a natural, knowledge-based approach. If you feel your situation requires it, please do not hesitate to seek medical help.



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Dr Neela Winkelmann

Bubenečská 28

160 00 Praha 6

Czech Republic

tel.: 00420 - 731 177 822

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