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Do you feel you might be on the verge of a burnout ? Or are you burnt out? 

You are not alone.  



The ONLINE BURNOUT CLINIC is here to help and accompany you on the healing road toward a new, healthy, energetic you.



"Burnout" happens in Nature too:

Fire burning away dry grass
Fresh green blades sprouting from burned ground
Golden hawk's beard (Crepis aurea) blossoming

The old burns away so the new can grow back and bloom with renewed force.  



I would like to encourage you to see burnout as an opportunity. Today's world is asking us to be honest to ourselves. If burnout happens to you, it is a rare chance to re-design your life, to heal, to find who you truly are and what makes you happy and fulfilled. 



Based on my own experience of healing from two burnouts, I have developed a comprehensive burnout healing programme which I am happy to share with you. At the ONLINE BURNOUT CLINIC  you can explore the outline of my programme, as well as a selection of recommended tools which can help you to heal on your own. You can book burnout healing mentoring with me, attend a burnout prevention and self-healing course or join a burnout healing support group on your road to recovery. I speak English, German, Czech and French.

Pleased to meet you on our common healing journey,  



Dr Neela Winkelmann, your burnout healing mentor

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